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Dahlila Charlie (she/her)

Dahlila Charlie is a Coast Salish visual artist from Beechers Bay, First Nation living in Victoria, BC. Through her stunning acrylic painting and murals Dahlila employs Coast Salish formline and realism to tell the stories of her Nation. Dahlila has studied under the mentorship of more senior Indigenous artists and has developed her own personal style to both bring to life cultural teachings and claim space in contemporary space. In her art practice, Delila invites audiences to celebrate the beauty of the Coast Salish peoples and their connection to the land and ocean. Her work is featured in private collections and she’s assisted in the creation of large scale murals in Victoria including the 48 foot vibrant mural on the M’akola Housing Sociaty. As Dahlila’s career continues to blossom, she looks forward to sharing her skills with other emerging Indigenous arts and focusing full-time on her paintings and mural work.

Chyler Sewell (she/her)

Chyler Sewell is an Anishinaabe storyteller and published author from Garden River First Nation, currently living in Hamilton, Ontario. She is a community organizer, dedicated to cultivating spaces for urban Indigenous youth to exist freely and with an abundance of joy. As a gifted writer Chyler’s words dance like flames, extending warmth to the reader and light to guide the way home. Chyler is passionate about creating worlds with her writing where Indigenous youth can find pieces of themselves and connect more deeply to where they come from. In addition to her short stories that are steeped in Indigenous knowledges, Chyler is working on a novel that will move alongside Indigenous, Black and racialized young people as they pursue the liberation of their communities. Her dream is to create spaces where youth can creatively reimagine futures together. Chyler’s words are changemakers, gently moving over the landscapes of minds and hearts.

Aaron Letendre (he/him)

Aaron Letendre is a Stoney/Nakota music producer from Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, Alberta. From dancing and running around the powwow grounds wearing his Buffalo hat at a young age; he was given the name “Little Buffalo ” that represented his wild and free spirit. The name stuck with him as he grew up; as he started to sing and drum traditional round dance songs on the powwow trail and local competitions. At the age of 9; he became a viral sensation, when one of his performance videos hit over 4 million views. He went on to record and promote his first music album, which received praise from many surrounding communities. It is no coincidence that music plays a huge role in his life today as he continues to nurture his passion through music production, songwriting and recording. He sees the importance of mentorship and guidance being someone who experienced recognition at such a young age and hopes to continue his journey through music.

Siibii Petawabano

Siibii Petawabano is a Queer, non-binary, singer songwriter & recycle artist from Cree Nation of Mistissini, Northern Quebec. An absolute powerhouse vocalist, Siibii flows with emotions and an intimate vulnerability that cascades through distinct warm textures and catchy acoustic pop melodies as they flawlessly deliver an effortless performance that is seasoned with maturity and wisdom beyond their years. Their debut solo album “For Those I Love(d)” which hit top 3 on the Apple Music Pop Canada charts the week of its release. Their second single “Wish We Were Older” has received over 20,000 streams on Spotify and hit #1 on the NCI FM National Indigenous Music Countdown hosted by SiriusXM Canada. Ultimately, Siibii’s goal is to be a changemaker. They feel a responsibility to pursue their talent to create more representation in the scene, recognizing that there are very few people in the industry that look like and identify as they do.

What do you hope to achieve through the ArtWorks Program? I am hoping to expand and enrich my knowledge through the support of my mentor. I am also hoping to expand on the skill sets I already possess.

Cole Barker (he/him)

Cole Barber is a music producer from Skeetchestn Indian Band, British Columbia. With a keen interest in sound design and composition; Cole spends his time honing his skills while remaining under the radar of mainstream society. Through his experience in the Electro Acoustics program at Concordia University, he continues to connect his interests in soundscaping with a career path that will enable his passion and creativity. Whether it’s an evening beatmaking cook-up session or creating sounds for a visual project, this emerging artist is surely to make some noise in the near future.