Mobile Production Studio

5 Days of  Workshops

8 – 12

8 – 12 Students

Production of 1 Collaborative Song

Production of 1 Music Video

Presentation & Celebration

Mobile Production Studio

1-Week Intensive Teaching Studio

The Mobile Production Studio provides an opportunity for 8-12 students to collaborate with a music producer and a videographer over the course of a week. This Studio opens doors for Indigenous youth to access a network through which they can share their voices and connect to peers within their community and beyond.


| Cultural Identity | Language | Community | Struggle | Love | Hope | Pride | Connection | Self-Acceptance | Self-Expression |

Arts-Based Skills

| Song Writing | Recording & Mixing | Singing | Digital Editing | Beat Making | Music Video Production | Performance |

Transferable Skills

| Communication | Emotional Awareness | Leadership | Collaboration | Self-Directed Learning | Digital Literacy | Decision Making | Group Learning | Accountability |

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