Integrative Arts Studio

3 or 12 Weeks of Workshops

1 Paid Mentorship Role (YAA)

10 – 60 Students

10 – 60

Creation of 1 Collective Artwork

Celebration &

Integrative Arts Studio

3-Week, 12-Week & Customizable Studios

The Integrative Arts Studio offers Indigenous youth opportunities to develop creative, transferable skills that serve them well beyond the walls of the classroom. Whether for three weeks or twelve weeks, all of our Studios are founded on learning activities that are positive and experiential. All Integrative Arts Studios include an opportunity for the school to hire a Youth Artist Assistant (YAA) role to support the teacher throughout the duration of the Studio.

NOTE: 12-week Studios are only available for schools that have previously hosted a 3-week Integrative Arts Studio.


| Cultural Identity | Language | Community | Struggle | Love | Hope | Pride | Connection | Self-Acceptance | Self-Expression |

Arts-Based Skills

| Printmaking | Sculpture | Mural Creation | Drawing & Painting | Creative Writing | Spoken Word & Poetry | Photography | Video & Film Production | Animation | Dance | Acting & Performance | Traditional Arts & Crafts |

Transferable Skills

| Communication | Emotional Awareness | Leadership | Collaboration | Self-Directed Learning | Digital Literacy | Decision Making | Group Learning | Accountability |

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If you’d like to bring a N’we Jinan Studio to your school or wish to learn more about our customizable programs, please contact one of our program representatives :

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Still curious and want to know more? Download our 2021 Program Guide PDF for more details on what we’ve been up to and how we work.

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