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Mobile Production Studio

Inspire young creative Indigenous voices as they learn the ins and outs of music production and collaborate with their peers to create a professionally produced music video and write an original song.

Integrative Arts Studio

Transform the classroom into a collaborative art-making space where youth experiment with mediums and techniques as they explore creative expression through visual and digital arts.

N’we Jinan Festival & Youth Conference

Celebrate the creative achievements of young Indigenous artists with the N’we Jinan Festival where 300+ First Nations, Metis, and Inuit youth participate in creative workshops, exhibit their work, and perform in world-class venues.

N’we Jinan programs are designed and implemented by a team of passionate pedagogy, programming, and logistics specialists at inPath. As a non-profit organization, inPath builds connections between schools, communities, and the creative sector so that youth can carve out their own creative pathways within a network of support.

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