Listen to the great talent from N’we Jinan

N’we Jinan Eeyou Istchee – Volume 1 

Soulful song goddesses, cuttingedge rappers, precocious kids, metal dudes, scribes of prose and poetry, rockers with a cause, unlikely hiphop heroes and community activists are some of the labels for Eeyou Istchee’s newest superstars. This project features 19 original songs put together by over 70 youth artists from the Cree Nation of Quebec.

N’we Jinan The Gathering – Volume 2

As the journey in search of talent continues, “The Gathering” is the second musical installment that showcases talent from Patunak, Lac Seul, Kawawachikamach and Moose Cree First Nations. Additionally, a united group of Algonquin, Mohawk, Cree and nonIndigenous youth singers from Pierre Elliott Elementary School in Gatineau. 14 songs to add to your collection.

N’we Jinan Eeyou Istchee – Volume 3

The highly anticipated followup project to Volume 1. Included in this album are 9 brand new anthemlike pop songs featuring over 50 Cree youth artists. This album encourages Cree language while exploring the topics of identity, culture and exercises messaging that focuses on strengthening ties between past, present and future.

N’we Jinan Skicin Generation – Volume 4

This project features young artists from the Wabanaki Confederacy tribes in Maine, US: Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, Maliseet & Micmac. Infusing hiphop beats with refined vocalists and honest lyrics, this project is geared to shed light on Native communities from the Earthwalker generation. 8 brand new songs to add to your collection.

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